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Buying or Selling your Home

In this difficult real estate climate, agents are seeing the value in increasing the curb appeal of their listings more than ever. Having a home properly washed prior to putting it on the market can greatly increase the value of the home and make it sell more quickly. The advantage of increasing curb appeal is never more evident than in having the exterior of the gutters properly cleaned.

The black streaks seen on gutters across the nation are in the oxidized top layer of paint on the gutters. The proper cleansers will remove that microscopic top layer, along with the streaks, revealing a white, clean gutter. This single service makes a clean home look new and will attract buyers in droves. Given how competitive the real estate market is, this is a prime opportunity to gain an edge on other listings by cleaning the home properly and making it look great.

Gutters and downspouts outline the face of a home. Your eye is naturally driven to the edges based on their location. Having them look their whitest is a key advantage to the curb appeal and ultimately the sale of the home. Many companies, like ours, offer gutter cleaning as part of a whole house wash service. This service, coupled with a freshly cleaned driveway and sidewalk, will help a home sell in no time.

When properly planning to put a home on the market, the exterior is just as important as the interior. Lawns should be mowed, bushes trimmed, house and concrete cleaned, and don’t neglect those gutters!